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Some of the foremost prized porcelain signs are those bearing the discarded logos of latest and extinct brands of fuel. Other well-known items are fun ��country store�� signs promoting every thing from loaves of bread to accommodate paint, in addition to signs related to other things a collector has acquired (if you��ve collected a number of antique Ford cars, you may want an antique porcelain Ford sign in your garage). Then there are the tried-and-true porcelain-sign collectibles " from rare railroad signs for the Union Pacific and Western Pacific lines to dual carriageway signs produced by the California Auto Club. Indeed, in accordance with author and sign collector Michael Bruner, practically any porcelain sign with the word ��California�� in it is well-known. And when it involves porcelain signs, says Bruner, size concerns. ��Some of the larger porcelain signs can in fact be cheaper than the smaller signs, because they are harder to show, he says. That's doubtless why porcelain door pulls and pushes are so commonplace. ��Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. I liked to assemble things even as a toddler. Things that didn't cost whatever thing, like various colors of stones. By the time I was 13, I had collected enough stamps and coins to say that I had a good collection for a kid that age.

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