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Some of the big names during the Edwardian era are Tom Browne and John Hassall, both wonderful cartoonists. They captured the imagination and their work was used in a lot in advertisements similar to Fry's Chocolates and Players Cigarettes. They became famous of their own right. But there weren't many artists who were allowed to put their name on the work, they worked for graphic agencies or the sign brands and they worked in teams. How were signs and other advertising items used during the Victorian and Edwardian intervals?Renshaw: One of the most excellent places for posting signs, besides the external of shops, was the railway. The railway had a whole bunch signs and advertisements. The stations had long station systems with white picket fencing and all of the walls were coated with signs and posters. They really went for advertising back then, it was big. Robertson's Golden Shred Marmalade Enamel Sign, 1910A lot of cutting-edge advertisements strategies were developed in the Victorian period. Techniques such as using women to sell merchandise, or just the idea that sex sells. There were very erotic and luscious ladies used in advertisements.

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