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By far the biggest destroyer of porcelain signs was World War II. Like a large number of metal items that were melted all the way down to assist the war effort, porcelain signs were sacrificed for the base metal they contained. Prior to World War II, there have been a large number of porcelain signs just lying around, because the merchandise they marketed were now not being sold. After the war, the price of producing porcelain signs was just too expensive and the observe faded from regularly occurring use. Today, porcelain signs are one of the biggest categories of advertising collectibles. Some of the most prized porcelain signs are those bearing the discarded logos of current and extinct brands of fuel. Other generic items are fun ��nation store�� signs promoting everything from loaves of bread to accommodate paint, in addition to signs related to other things a collector has obtained (if you��ve collected a few vintage Ford cars, you might want an vintage porcelain Ford sign for your garage). Then there are the tried-and-true porcelain-sign collectibles " from rare railroad signs for the Union Pacific and Western Pacific lines to freeway signs produced by the California Auto Club. Indeed, in accordance with author and sign collector Michael Bruner, very nearly any porcelain sign with the word ��California�� in it is renowned. And when it involves porcelain signs, says Bruner, size matters. ��Some of the larger porcelain signs can basically be less expensive than the smaller signs, as a result of they are harder to show, he says.

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