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Anything that's quirky too, I have fertilizer signs that have turnips on them, they absolutely have an element of Andy Warhol to them, anything else that's really misplaced, over-sized merchandise. Tell us more about the art on the signs and tins. Dandy Toffee Tin by Slade and Budlock Ltd. Dewsbury, England, 1920Renshaw: They used the lithograph method, various stones for each color, or there was a litho press. All the tins were at the beginning flat metal and card signs would just be paper and they'd run it throughout the litho press, it's totally very like silk screening. Today's tins aren't as attractive as a result of lots of the paints used in the Victorian era contained additives like arsenic, lead, and uranium, and at the moment which you can't use stuff like that. If you examine the Victorian colors they are very vivid, pastel shades. The Victorians were very keen on pastel shades, and it's very hard today to get near the colours they used. There was also a huge thickness as a result of all of the layers of paint which gave it a 3D effect. Today every little thing is outlined at an analogous time on a flat paper, so that you can't get the Victorian colors and feel. ��After the First World War, you get type faces like Arial and Helvetica that do not appeal to me.

VTG VESS-WHISTLE MINI EMBOSSED SODA BOTTLE-ADVERTISING OLD OIL-GAS-CLOCK SIGN VINTAGE NEW MOON SODA BOTTLE SALISBURY, MD. WHISTLE BOTTLING CO. 12 oz. Lot Of 10 Vintage Used Whistle Orange Cork Soda Bottle Caps - Hibbing, Minn vintage Whistle Soda Pop Sticker Decal Metal Theremometer Whistle Soda 17" x 5" Whistle Soda Pop glass marble collection lot 5/8" size with stands Thirsty Just Whistle Soda Decals VESS WHISTLE ORANGE FLAT TOP SODA CAN~VESS BEVERAGE CO. ST LOIUS,MO Whistle soda bottle Roanoke Va. Pepsi, Orange Crush, Whistle, RC Soda Matchbooks 1945 Whistle Soda Easel Back Display Rare Large Whistle Soda Door Push Soda Fountain 1962 Whistle Soda Pam Thermometer Vintage Coca-Cola Knife - "Mr. Whistle's Pop Shop - Pontiac, Mich." Vintage Wooden Whistle Soda Crate Caddy RARE 1920'S ANTIQUE NUGRAPE NU ICY SODA WHIZZER WHISTLE TIN LITHO ADVERTISEMENT Vintage 1950s WHISTLESoda Pop Bottle Vintage Georgetown Del Delaware Whistle Soda Bottle WHISTLE FRUIT FLAVOR MENU WHISTLE FRUIT FLAVOR DECAL 2 Bags Of Whistle Orange Soda Promo Marbles Whistle Soda Bottle 6 unused 1950s WHISTLE Orange nos cork lined soda bottle caps Vintage Coca Cola Silver Metal Advertising Whistle Whistle Soda Contour Cut Vinyl Decals Sign Stickers Vintage Advertising ERROR Antique/Vintage Whistle Soda Bottle - 6-1/2 Fl Oz-Irregular Not Level Base VINTAGE, WHISTLE, LONG NECK SODA BOTTLE, 10 oz. Whistle pop bottle from Cosley bottling Co Dubuque Iowa Vintage RARE “Thirsty? JUST WHISTLE” Soda Sign Thermometer (Works) Embossed Whistle Soda Fountain Kitchen Diner Bar Man Cave Advertising Neon Clock Sign VINTAGE - WHISTLE SODA - 6-1/2 OUNCE CLEAR EMBOSSED BOTTLE - SCRANTON PA Whistle Soda Bottle Cap - Cork Lined - Unused 12 Different Orange Soda Bottle Caps - Cork Lined - Used (Whistle) ANTIQUE WHISTLE ORANGE SODA POP BOTTLE TOP DISPLAY SIGN THIRSTY FOUNTAIN GROCERY Vintage Whistle 12 oz ACL Green Soda Bottle Detroit, MI RARE! Orange Whistle Cola embossed Sign with Funny Elfs. Thirsty? Just Whistle! VINTAGE WHISTLE SODA POP WOOD SLAT FROM DEAN BEVERAGE CO. AUSTIN, MINN. Pop Bottle, Whistle, Vess Dry Co. Columbus, OH Vintage Original Glass Bottles WHISTLE & FITCH PAIR GRANITE STATE Beverages 7 oz.soda bottle. Whistle Bottling, Concord, NH WHISTLE ORANGE SODA POP CORK BOTTLE CAPS, USED w/ holes Vintage Whistle Orange Peel Finish 6-1/2oz Soda Bottle Antique Whistle Soda Bottle Aqua Blue/Green 6 1/2 fld ozs Whistle Bottling Co. Vintage 6 1/2 oz Whistle narrow waist clear decorative soda bottle ;